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About Music Worth Reviewing

Music Worth Reviewing is the brainchild of a mysterious masked madman meandering mindlessly through mile and miles of murky musical media mish-mash. After a long time of speculation and frustration, this miffed maniac (ok, we’re done) formed a team of passionate album aficionados that hope to create a new standard for music reviews.

So, the secret’s out. Bobby Jo Valentine is the cheif editor of Music Worth Reviewing. He’s a singer/songwriter who’s won some cool stuff for his music (Songwriter of the Year at West Coast Songwriter’s Association, 2013 Rising Star of the Year – contest judged by CAA agents and top industry reps – and more), and has written for lots of album review sites before deciding to just create one himself.

Here are his two rules for reviewing an album:

1. The music has to be good.

Basic, we know, but this is important. Be it simple or complex, indie pop or eclectic rock, a sweet, lyrically well-written, and melodious sound to the ears is required for consideration on our site. We want to be known for reviewing music that other people want to listen to. We want to be a source of good music where people can go and say “I want to discover the best stuff out there. Let’s go to Music Worth Reviewing and see what’s on.” We want to be a source that people can trust, and as such, we guard our selection of album reviews carefully, and do our best to keep the wolves at bay.

The wolves, in this particular metaphor, are bad music. Just to clear that up.

2. The music can be mainstream OR independent.

We don’t care who the music is from. If it’s worth reviewing, we’ll review it. A lot of people exist just for the mainstream, or just for independents – we don’t count ourselves as “selling out” to either party. In fact, we hope to bridge the gap between the two, and create a situation where good music, no matter where it is or who’s doing it, gets noticed, reviewed, and purchased by tasty musical people. Like you. :-)


On the business side of things, the goal of Music Worth Reviewing is to create a positive music cycle where GOOD mainstream bands get positive exposure, GOOD independent bands get positive exposure, BOTH parties get new fans from either side, and we get to be the introducers. Switchfoot fans, meet Freelance Whales fans. Josh Ritter fans, meet Needtobreathe fans. Brandon Flowers fans, meet this new-artist-that-you’ve-never-heard-before-but-boy-are-they-AMAZING!

Something like that.

If you’re a new artist, or a record label company, and you want to get (or you want your artist to get) good comparative exposure, and you have genuinely good music, then we want to help you out. We act as a gathering place for fans of artists and industry professionals, mainstream and independent, that are actively looking for new, good music.

If you are interested in getting your album reviewed by us, please go HERE.

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