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Dale Turner – Mannerism’s Magnified

Posted by on September 20, 2012

Dale Turner is a really interesting guy. Which makes his album is a really interesting album. Whenever you can say that an album kept you interested, the whole way through, no stopping, then that’s a very high compliment.

Although his album ‘Mannerisms Magnified’ might not be for everyone, the in-depth instrumentals, extremely versatile vocals, and unpredictability of the tracks will be sure to entertain any listener the whole way through.
Progressive, unique, and sexy as hell, Dale Turner is an eclectic genius full of lyrical delights and intelligent musical sensibility. Musically, he’s kind of a mix between Ben Folds and Sufjan Stevens, and Bjork. But on many tracks, frankly, he’s better.

There’s also an undeniable playfulness to this album. The title of the kickoff track “Brain on the Brain” is clear evidence of that. The track is an a cappella introduction to the album, which proceeds to take you on a roller-coaster ride of moods and sounds throughout. “Bad Seed” has the epic feel of Bohemian Rhapsody, displaying a lot of darker themes while still showing that Dale has some great wordplay ability. The album also has moments of very sweet, sincere emotion: “Hiding Place” is an intimate confession of love and dependence. Please light the way and show me that it’s safe up ahead.

Dale is a one-man show in a sense, writing, composing, and engineering each piece of music that appears on this album. His guitar styling, and the overall arrangement of the tracks, is excellent. “Morality Rule” bouncing through history, another epic track with layers upon layers of vocals and guitars. “Five Things” is one of the best-written tracks on the album, counting down a mysterious list.

Dale’s vocals are expressive and make it clear that this an extremely fun project for him, and when a musician has fun telling his story, it’s hard for the listener not to come along for the ride with their hands in the air. Mannerisms Magnified is a great album, full of playfulness, and for those that want to dig deeper, it’s also full of thoughtful lines about life and the nature of what makes us tick.

Get his album on Itunes here.

Consensus: 8/10

Best Tracks for Picky Itunes People: Sooner or Later You’ll Hate Her, Hiding Place, Five Things, Exit Wound

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