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Danny Malone – Balloons

Posted by on July 7, 2014


Well, holy cow. What an album.

Danny Malone is one of the best musical movements to ever come out of Austin, Texas, and a lot of good things have come out of Austin, Texas. His new album ‘Balloons’ solidifies him as an expert in sincere, powerful songwriting that never sacrifices its poetic finesse. It’s as if Danny has┬átaken his heart, fermented it in a 16th century castle in Denmark, and wrung it out over 11 songs, all filled with melodic poetry and great soundscapes. Bottoms up! You’ll be drinking some of the finest singer/songwriter brew that has been served for several years.

Here’s one off the new album:

His melodies are catchy as ever, with expressive percussion and synth choices giving fantastic accents to his songwriting. And that is something that needs to be brought up – Danny’s songwriting. The lyrics of Danny’s music has always drawn me in, but songs like “Spiderlegs,” a haunting story about addiction and loyalty, “Wait on Me,” which finishes with a great question, and “Fall Back Plan” all have some especially powerful imagery. “San Diego” has a wonderful chorus, Danny confesses a moment that we’ve all had before: What’s happening to me/I’m sick of myself/It’s never one thing/cause it’s always something else.

Danny Malone’s new album ‘Balloons’ is an emotional, powerful tour-de-force of vulnerable personal biography and insightful musings about life. Completely unique, Danny is a fresh voice in songwriting whose talent extends beyond just great vocals, production, and melodies, all which are a part of this album. Danny is a refreshing break because you can feel his passion coming out of the headphones and into your heart.

Danny Malone’s new album ‘Balloons’ is available on Itunes. MWR usually gives favorite tracks, but when it comes out…you need to get the whole thing.

It’s that good.

Bobby, Music Worth Reviewing


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