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Katie Ekin – Caught Up in You

Posted by on June 1, 2014

Katie EkinKatie Ekin bursts on the scene with a gorgeous-sounding, beautifully made EP. Her six-song offering ‘Caught Up in You’ is like cotton candy – it’s light, it’s sweet, and I want some more. Right now. Nom nom.

Katie is a singer/songwriter from breezy, beautiful Santa Cruz, and her music echoes the lightness and beauty of the beaches that she’s no doubt walked on ever since she was old enough to walk.

Katie’s music is a mix of Ingrid Michaelson, Kate Nash, and Regina Spektor, with a little bit of Taylor Swift thrown in for good measure. Her songs are full of unrequited love and musings on relationships, but it works, and it works very well. “Dance With You” kicks off the album with a jumpy, light ukulele strum, a cla-clack, clack of drums, and background vocals chirping and do-do-dooing. It’s straight from an indie film, and so are most of her tracks – they’re ready for immediate placement into television and commercials.

“Trouble” will quickly be a fan favorite, showing off Katie’s spectacular, soulful voice and her powerful, beautiful use of melody. It’s also more moody and thoughtful than the rest of the tracks on the record, and the contrast works to her advantage. “Grown Up Fairytale” is the radio hit of the album, talking tongue-in-cheek by the distance between Disney and reality. You choose my ugly sister, she rides off with you/and my fairy godmother says ‘your wishes won’t come true.’ It somehow finds the line between sassy and sweet and dances us across it with bubblegum-pop flair. “Caught Up In You” is a classic chord progression with typical lyric twist, and “Before I Stop Believing” is a lullaby-styled ballad spelling out fears of loving and yet a plea to be loved.

What a spectacular kickoff EP. With Andy Kong producing the album (and playing almost every backing track), Katie has chosen wisely, and this album will take her far.

Buy her new album today on Itunes!


Rating: 9/10

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