MWR’s Current Top 6

There are a lot of albums out there. We want to cut through the mess and give you the best. Hey, that rhymed. Anyways. Here are a few really good ones that we here at Music Worth Reviewing think everyone should listen to.

Before we list them, we should clarify…this is not a sponsored page. Nobody paid to be on here. We just want to share some of what we consider to be the best music out there.

NeedtoBreathe – The Heat

Mixing steering-wheel-banging southern rock with tasty guitar hooks, catchy melodies and some incredible drum work, Needtobreathe’s first album really rocketed them into a world-wide fan base, for good reason, and is absolutely worth listening to. There are some of the most powerful word metaphors – EVER – in some of these tracks. Their new album is pretty good too, but this older one is a must-must-must.

Freelance Whales – Weathervanes

It’s really hard to describe Weathervanes. How do you describe an album so perfectly quirky, so indescribably wonderful, so amazingly well-crafted? You don’t. You just say, “Check out this album. You won’t regret it.” Mixing beautiful creative soundscapes and instruments with light, poetic lyrics that at times feel profoundly spiritual, Freelance Whale’s debut album speaks of ghosting, winding spiral-cases, and people that are partial to the night sky. Their website is really fun too.

Brandon Flowers – Flamingo

Now, don’t get us wrong when we say this. There are a lot of good lyricists out there. But Brandon, the singer for The Killers (another amazing band), has this way with words. We don’t know how to describe it. Maybe it’s the verbal tension between his Mormon faith and his lifestyle. Maybe it’s his keyboard prowess at knowing which ambient sound to meld with the rockin’ drum beats. Either way, Brandon Flowers comes out with a solid debut, that slides its way easily onto our list of music worth buying.

Switchfoot – A Beautiful Letdown

Switchfoot is just cool. From surfing the days away when they’re not rocking a packed stadium to constantly giving up their time for amazing causes and charities, Switchfoot is one of the mainstream bands that has their heart in the right place. There are many good Switchfoot albums, but “The Beautiful Letdown,” released in 2003 (we know, it’s an old album), swept the world off of its feet with its sharp and energetic tone, electronic playfulness, and lyrics that oozed revolution. Rock on, Switchfoot. Rock on.

Josh Ritter – So Runs the World Away

Josh Ritter is a Bob Dylan-like modern enigma. His melodies are swelling, soaring, catchy and sometimes devastating. His lyrics will leave your mouth open and your mind buzzing. His romantic side runs amok with a story of a mummy in love with the archaeologist who discovers his tomb and the story of a man and his ship journeying to Another New World. Eclectic, folky, melodic, and enchanting, “So Runs the World Away” is truly an amazing album.His older one isn’t too bad either.

The Family Crest – Songs from the Valley Below

These Bay Area artisans are hot out of the frying pan. Sizzling with Arcade Fire-styled orchestration, an original, vibrant, powerful sound, and energy that raise the roof of any live establishment, The Family Crest is a 7-instrument folk/jazz/old-world/rock powerhouse that is guaranteed to make you very, very happy. Their EP, Songs from the Valley Below, was just re-issued, and we here at MWR really think that you should go check it out. Like, now. Go check it out right now.

Oh, and they’re even better live…connect with their Facebook to see where they’ll be playing when, and go see ’em. Worth any price of admission.

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